Club badge change

The new ownership are delighted to unveil a new club badge, replacing the previous one that has stood since the mid-1970s.

The new badge incorporates the two standout features of the club’s brand; the swan and robin, which represent Walton and Hersham respectively. The crest also carries down identical colours from the previous one, with the exact same shades of blue and green being used. Whilst it was initially intended to incorporate more of the club’s traditional colour red into the new design, this proved difficult owing to colour contrasts, and the fact the new badge had to be discernibly recognisable from an aesthetic perspective when compared with the previous one.

As the club enters a new era, it has been a key vision of the new ownership to rebrand the club, helping Walton & Hersham FC to move forward into the future with a refreshed image. The new ownership believe the new badge to be much more simplified and therefore possessing a cleaner aesthetic, as well as much more marketable design and feature.

Whilst the crest has been changed, fans can be assured that our new home strip for the season will be almost completely red, keeping in line with the club’s traditional playing colours.


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